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We assist buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, developers, builders, and lawyers in real estate transactions. As a Title Insurance and Abstract Company, we have been providing unequaled service for over 35 years in Northeast Florida.

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Title Searches

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Commercial Real Estate Closings

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Stephen Collins Stephen@GoLandTitle.com

Stephen Collins offers a knowledgeable voice in a dynamic industry — real estate — a market that affects us all. As President and Owner of Land Title of America, Inc. in St. Augustine, he presents expert insight, and an open dialogue for real estate related questions and comments.

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Mission Statement

Land Title of America, Inc. is a title insurance company that fulfills the title insurance and closing needs of the real estate industry within the guidelines set forth in the Florida Administrative Code Chapter 4-186 and Chapter 626, Part V of the Florida Statutes.

Our current and potential customers are most valued in our company. Without them, we are not. Because of this, we are reliable, courteous, accurate, and very service oriented. We recognize the significance of customer input. We know how to effectively use their innovative ideas and constructive criticism.

We are honest in all our dealings. We uphold, sustain, and obey all the laws of the land. We do not compromise our values and standards for money.

We value the right to own real property, and desire to protect that right. We know that our forefathers and our friends of this century have fought and died for this right. We do not take for granted the great cost of our freedom.

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Even When You’re Right

Even when you know you’re right, you can get into a legal dispute. Say you’re driving down the street, following all the traffic rules, signs and signals and someone pulls out in front of you and hits you. It was the other driver’s fault – the other driver failed to yield the right-of-way, but that still leaves you with a smashed car and the inconvenience.

A property title claim is like a car wreck. It is the collision of your ownership rights with a challenge. The dispute could be completely bogus- Cousin Alfie says Aunt Ignatius left the house to him, except your property never had a house on it-but you are responsible to defend your ownership. Cousin Alfie doesn’t have a case- he’s not even your cousin- but he can get your property by default if you don’t defend yourself.

It is very expensive to be totally innocent and right. No matter how right you are and how wrong Cousin Alfie is, you have to defend your ownership rights in a court of law…. And that gets expensive!

Who knows what Cousin Alfie’s smoking, but you’re gonna want some if you have to foot that bill to hire a lawyer out of pocket. That’s where paying a one-time fee for title insurance is a grand luxury.

Title Insurance covers the legal expense to defend your ownership rights…. And provides the lawyer.

Yeah, a title claim is a hassle, like having to take your car to the body shop, but with title insurance, it means the repair bill is prepaid.

Even when you’re right, you’re responsible to defend that right. Title insurance can help in a big way.

Liens, Mortgages, and Branding

Stephen Collins and Rusty Collins talk about Liens and Mortgages as well as the recent passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. Guest speaker Jonathan Collins weighed in on rebranding Land Title of America.


Owner’s title insurance is like health insurance in that you never want to use it, but you’re glad to have it if you need it. But unlike health insurance, title insurance has a low, one-time premium that gives you a lifetime of coverage for a property. Owner’s title insurance is different than other types of


How big of a wad of cash can you flush down the toilet?  Is $10,000 too much?  I mean you might have friends coming over, what if only a few thousand dollars clogged the system?  Are hundred dollar bills septic safe?  Those are the questions you have to ask if you own real estate without


Are you really that stupid that you would own real estate without an owners’ title insurance policy?  Whether you purchased or inherited, the risk is the same.  Look ya’ll, I’m gotta house!  Risk is in all real estate; however, you can reduce your financial risk with an owners’ title insurance policy. Now why would I