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We assist buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, developers, builders, and lawyers in real estate transactions. As a title insurance and abstract company, we have been providing unequaled service for over 35 years in Northeast Florida.

About Us

Land Title of America, Inc. is a corporation owned and managed by Stephen Collins, of the Collins family, which has provided superior service for title insurance and real estate closings in St. Augustine and St. Johns County for over 30 years. Much has changed in that time, but our high standard of customer satisfaction remains unaltered. Today, we enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our service with the latest technology for the benefit of our customers. Land Title of America, Inc. represents both stability and innovation in an ever-changing market.

  • Closings & Title Insurance
  • Title Searches
  • Title Insurance
  • Fidelity National Title Insurance Company
  • Westcor Land Title Insurance Company
  • SBA Loans (Small Business Association)
  • Specialization in Distressed Properties
  • Closings at the time and place convenient to our customers

Why us?

Cost. Service. Accountability. These are the holy trinity of reasons why you should care who issues your Title Insurance Policy.

Normally local title companies will charge you less.

A local title company is quickly available answer your questions when challenges or trials arise. You do not have to deal with complicated online forums or frustrating dialing services, both of which distance you from a real and dedicated professional.

Local title company associates will see you at a church or school function, while shopping at Wal-Mart, or at the fair downtown. When we review your closing documents at your side, we make sure you understand them. We cannot simply run away after closing a deal, while representatives of larger corporations may shake hands and never think to see you again.

In our close-knit community, who we do business with matters, especially when it comes to cost, service, and accountability.

More Information

We are at your service to answer any real estate-related questions you may have. Please call on us at (904) 797-9600, and search our online public information below.

Title Insurance is a policy that protects you from financial loss due to a challenge against your real estate ownership.

When was the last time you had to hire an attorney to defend your rights? It’s dang expensive. Think of that owner’s Title Insurance policy as prepaid attorney’s fees. Whether or not someone has the right to challenge your ownership (even after you’ve sold), you still have to prove it in a court of law and that can be cost prohibitive. Title Insurance is an inexpensive way to protect your now and your future.

Title Insurance has exceptions and exclusionsTitle Endorsements close the gap.  Title Insurance policy does not cover covenants and restrictions violations, mineral issues, easements, abusive association, challenges against condominium declarations, and the list goes on….  For a nominal cost, Title Endorsements absorb all of those expenses.

Driver’s license, and if you’re the buyer:  a cashier’s check. Of course there are always exceptions to this, but for the most part, that’s it. Sometimes the buyer has to bring a second form of photo ID if the lender requires it.

Title Insurance fees are regulated by the State of Florida.  The base rate is $5.75 per thousand up to $100,000, and $5.00 per thousand thereafter up to $1 million.  Discounts are available for some transactions.  Please call Land Title at (904) 797-9600 for specifics.

Stephen Collins Stephen@GoLandTitle.com

Stephen Collins offers a knowledgeable voice in a dynamic industry — real estate — a market that affects us all. As President and Owner of Land Title of America, Inc. in St. Augustine, he presents expert insight, and an open dialogue for real estate related questions and comments.
Stephen's Alter Ego

Cindy Brown Cindy@GoLandTitle.com

Cindy works closely with Land Title of America at the Law Office of J. Russell Collins. She has 22 years experience with real estate closings.
Cindy's Alter Ego

Wayde Carter - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Wayde Carter Wayde@GoLandTitle.com

With his bilingual abilities, Wayde has become quite the asset to Land Title. He goes above and beyond to make his clients happy and always gives 110%. He has been a long-time resident of Florida and lives in St. Augustine with his beautiful wife and three kids.
Wayde's Alter Ego

Jolene Martyn - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Jolene Martyn Jolene@GoLandTitle.com

As a closer, Jolene Martyn likes the interaction with Realtors and customers. An area native, she started in the title business about 2010 and invests a high standard of professionalism into her community. Outside the workweek, she serves as a veterinarian technician and enjoys time with her dogs and being on the water.
Jolene's Alter Ego

Stacey Mackey Stacey@GoLandTitle.com

Born in Ohio, Stacey Mackey has been in Florida since middle school, and graduated from the University of North Florida. Her strong experience in sales and insurance led her to real estate investing over a decade ago, and eventually she got a real estate license. As a Closer Specialist, Stacey approaches each deal with an entrepreneurial spirit and a work ethic in accomplishment.
Stacey's Alter Ego

The Pajes - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Vladimir & Jalene Paje TeamVIP@GoLandTitle.com

Vladimir and Jalene Paje pair their professional identity with a commitment to excellence.  Married in 2018, the Pajes live in Vladimir’s hometown of Jacksonville; Jalene previously resided in Arizona.  For them, the outreach of title work is a natural extension of their hospitality.  The couple thrives on assisting people from all walks-of-life in fulfilling the dream of home ownership.  As title processors, the Pajes apply the strength of their teamwork to the quality of their service.
Pajes' Alter Ego

Karen Richmond - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Karen Richmond Karen@GoLandTitle.com

Karen Richmond brings a wealth of local and professional knowledge to each transaction.  A graduate of St. Augustine High School, she worked for many years as a real estate agent before becoming a closer / processor with Land Title.  Her goal is to seat customer satisfaction at the closing table, a satisfaction that stretches into the lasting comforts of home.
Karen's Alter Ego


Tresca Esguerra Tresca@GoLandTitle.com

St. Augustine native, Tresca Esguerra, made her 2020 debut in the real estate industry as an assistant to Owner, Stephen Collins.  From a family of many siblings, she fits right into the Land Title family, and often feels like the little sister with everyone trying to help.  She is enthusiastic to learn, and eager to apply her knowledge.
Tresca's Alter Ego

Trisa Skoglund - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Trisa Skoglund Trisa.S@GoLandTitle.com

A third generation Realtor, Trisa Skoglund has worked in real estate most of her life, and still assists her husband in property sales. Originally from Minnesota, she helped her family in real estate, then started a career in the title industry in 1996. Trisa and her family moved to St. Augustine in 2005, and she continued her career with Land Title of America, Inc., where she expands a growing wealth of knowledge and love for the community.
Trisa's Alter Ego

Shannon Gray - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Shannon Gray Shannon@GoLandTitle.com

Shannon Gray made her debut in the title industry with Land Title in 2015. A St. Augustine native and dedicated Jaguars fan, she balances professionalism and hospitality in her job as Personal Assistant to Owner, Stephen Collins.
Shannon's Alter Ego

Lynette Snell - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Lynette Snell Lynette@GoLandTitle.com

Real estate transactions involve a lot of details, and Lynette Snell thrives in the midst of them, communicating with buyers, sellers, Realtors, and lenders as she assists in processing and closing. Her real estate background and family roots in St. Augustine enrich her enthusiasm. She is comfortable in the fast-paced Land Title atmosphere, where she works hard to make sure deals get done.
Lynette's Alter Ego

Becca Vickery Becca@GoLandTitle.com

Becca Vickery is a lifelong resident of St. Johns County and a St. Augustine High School alumnus. New to the title industry, she works as an assistant closer / processor. She cites the best part of her job as her co-workers, and the team atmosphere that fosters the power of accomplishment.

Queenie Lewis - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Queenie Lewis Queenie@GoLandTitle.com

Queenie Lewis likes to talk to people, and she likes to listen too, and solve problems. A St. Augustine High School alumnus with business and mortgage experience, she assists with pre and post closings. Lewis appreciates the open and helpful atmosphere of Land Title, where the office culture functions efficiently, and feels like family.
Queenie's Alter Ego

BJ Farris - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

B. J. Farris BJ@GoLandTitle.com

B. J. Farris joined Land Title in 2015, and began as Personal Assistant to Owner, Stephen Collins. With extensive experience in the health insurance business, she enjoys helping out how and where she can, and is always eager to learn.
B.J.'s Alter Ego

Dakota Petraglia - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Dakota Petraglia Dakota@GoLandTitle.com

Dakota Petraglia makes her debut in the real estate industry at the Land Title reception desk. A graduate of Nease High School, she enjoys meeting new people, and gains appreciation for her community through those who live here. Her ideal workday is composed of people, and how best she can help them.
Dakota's Alter Ego


Pam Masters Pam@GoLandTitle.com

Pam Masters is Stephen Collins’ assistant, coordinator, cheerleader, promoter, protector…and she’s his sister.  Driven by a labor of love, her position at Land Title is an extension of her passion for family.  She knows that customer success means company success.  What’s good for the customer is good for the business is good for the family, and she’s vested in positive outcomes for all.
Pam's Alter Ego

Wendy Rogers - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Wendy Rogers Wendy@GoLandTitle.com

As a file processor, Wendy Rogers appreciates the teamwork that goes into each transaction. She came to Land Title in 2015 with thirty years’ experience in the real estate industry and continues to push customer satisfaction to the top.
Wendy's Alter Ego

Crissy Bunn - Land Title of America - St. Augustine - Florida

Crissy Bunn Crissy@GoLandTitle.com

The daughter of a Realtor, Crissy Bunn developed an early appreciation for the hard work that goes into each transaction.  Today as part of the underwriting team, she knows her diligence has a lasting effect on every closing.  Whether the customers are first-time home buyers or purchasing their retirement home, Crissy enjoys being part of one of their happiest days.
Crissy's Alter Ego

Lisa Byers Lisa@GoLandTitle.com

Lisa Byers is one of the original employees of Land Title, and is now part owner. She is a licensed title agent, appointed by three underwriters, and has a depth of knowledge within the industry of title insurance as well as many aspects of the company. She is the anchor of the business, ensuring the integrity of each closing.
Lisa's Alter Ego


Land Title Info@GoLandTitle.com

Who is Land Title outside the office? You might be surprised!!

During business hours, Land Title of America, Inc. fulfills the title insurance and closing needs of the real estate industry. But after hours, this company is very busy with sponsorships of local sports teams and athletes, as well as Boy Scouts and school activities. Might be small scale, like the donation of a mobility scooter. Or something larger, like crisis cleanup after a hurricane. Land Title’s outreach is an extension of good practice, from business dealings to community involvement. We want to add value to our area by supporting its people. The hope is to inspire the same in others.

For information on sponsorship, please contact Land Title at (904) 797-9600.

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