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Some words you cannot say in polite company-at least you shouldn’t-and some words you cannot print online. Automatic censors will mark out the Latin genus of the human species, and also will not allow the customary gender distinction of a male roach. While these words in context are okay for radio-speak, they get edited for a general public online forum.

Smash your thumb with a hammer and you might be given to shout: “Shania Twain!” But that’s nothing compared to to what you’d sai if you lost your home in a ownership dispute and you didn’t have title insurance.

Title insurance helps to keep the language clean. If you’ve got title insurance and somebody says, “Hey, that’s my real estate,”you’d get to reply, “Oh, drat,” instead of “Oh, BLEEeeeeeeeeeeeeep!@#$%^&*!!”

Title insurance takes the high drama out of home ownership risk. Sorry about that if you were seeking more stress in your life. The reason is, title insurance pays for the legal defense of your ownership rights. Whether someone disputes two feet of easement of all two acres of your lot, proper title insurance takes care of the court fees and pays valid claims.

You don’t need a string of expletives if you’ve got a title insurance policy. You won’t need to wash your mouth out with soap if someone claims your land is theirs.

Land Title of AmericaTERMS OF OH-DEAR-MENT!

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