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Sense of Wisdom & Humor

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Why are there more jokes about attorneys than about title companies?  Because nobody understands what title companies do, answers my attorney brother, Rusty Collins.  Now that’s funny, but it’s sad too.  You can lose your sense of humor real fast if you lack a sense of wisdom about real estate ownership.  Without knowledge of title insurance, your stake is at stake, the land you own and the money you put into it.

Title Insurance helps to protect your financial investment in real estate.

Title Insurance is a policy that protects the real estate owner from financial loss due to a challenge against his or her real estate ownership.  Without it, you could lose your property and your financial investment.  In simple terms, Title Insurance works in two ways:

  1. Prevention
  2. Protection

Though title insurance works mostly through prevention, it offers security via financial protection from the massive costs of litigation and other legal expenses should a problem, challenge, or complication to a Florida homeowner’s title arise.  No matter how much effort is put into this prevention, bad things can still happen.  It’s expensive to be right when someone thinks you’re wrong.  Owner’s Title Insurance provides and pays for all costs associated with a title claim (whether through settlement, legal defense, and / or reimbursement of the policy amount to the homeowner if that defense does not prevail).

Knowledge is realizing the difference between an acceptable risk and an unacceptable risk.

Wisdom is taking precautions to avoid unacceptable risk.

If you value your land, I encourage you to learn more about Title Insurance, and Land Title offers a variety of free educational resources, including the following:

  • Land Title Blog at
  • “Land Title Talk” radio show every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month on 102.1 FM WFOY ( from 8 to 9 am. Listeners are encouraged to call in with your real estate-related or legal questions or comments
  • Call or stop by the Land Title Office. If you have questions about a title policy and what it can do for you, or if you need to find out if your property even has a title policy, we’ll be glad to assist you at no charge.  Land Title is located in the Lewis Point Plaza at 2495 US Highway 1 South, St. Augustine, or call us at (904) 797-9600.


Stephen CollinsSense of Wisdom & Humor
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Title Challenges in Family Transactions

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Most property title challenges come from two situations.  Right now in the current economic climate, we get a lot of title claims in foreclosure properties.  The second major source of title challenges is from family transactions in real estate, and this type of title claim is around in all economic environments.

Whenever you interact with family, you take shortcuts because, hey, it’s family.  Maybe dad told you to do it, but then as soon as the head-of-household is gone, other family members may see things differently.  For instance, the woman accused of coercing her father into signing the deed over to her.  She took care of him, but now all the family is suspicious of her.  These things only surface when dad passes on.

Title Insurance cannot prevent the risk of all title claims; however, an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy does pay to fight or settle such claims.  Even if you are inheriting property that’s been in the family 50 years, always get a title policy on the property.


Stephen CollinsTitle Challenges in Family Transactions
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