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Peace of Mind on a Piece of Property

Home ownership should be hassle-free.  Once you close on your house and get settled, you shouldn’t have to worry about who owns your home.  Doesn’t always work that way.

In our human world, errors occur…and sometimes omissions…or undisclosed heirs.  Sometimes a title company (not mine I hope!) misses a document in public records during a title search.  And every now and then, there’s a case of forgery.  Any of these things can put your home ownership in jeopardy.

Title Insurance can’t fix that.  What it can do is pay litigation costs should one of these events become an event in your life.

Home ownership comes with responsibility.  As a homeowner, you are responsible to defend your ownership.  Title Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that if your ownership comes into question, the cost of legal defense (an attorney and all court fees) is paid for with your policy.

Home ownership is not hassle-free, but you can have financial peace of mind over a piece of property with Title Insurance.

Stephen CollinsPeace of Mind on a Piece of Property

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