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Sweetheart Deals

It’s snowing up North, it’s sunny down here, and there are sweetheart deals to be had in Florida real estate. What better way to say “I love you” than with a piece of property? It could be a romantic winter retreat or a heartwarming new homestead.

Diamonds are forever, but land title is subject to debate. If you are buying land to last, get title insurance. Just because you’ve found a sweetheart deal on a gem of property, don’t shortcut on the setting. Make sure that land is going to remain in your name or in the name of the one you love by buying title insurance to go with it.

Love is blind, and sometimes a title search misses a claim. Title insurance is good from the day you purchase it backwards, covering any unforeseen flaws and pays for litigation should someone try to claim your land.

Avoid heartbreak in your purchase. Support your right to land ownership with the means to defend it through title insurance.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Stephen CollinsSweetheart Deals

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