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What Is Clear Title?

Question: What is Clear Title?

Answer: Clear Title means that no one else has ownership rights or financial interest rights over a real estate property title.

When a buyer receives Clear Title by virtue of a Title Search, that means there are no obvious defects to the title, but a Title Search is insufficient to disclose unrecorded risk that could exist.

Even with Clear Title, it’s a smart move to get Title Insurance. Despite Clear Title, court cost to defend your ownership can become cost prohibitive. Title insurance will bear that cost for you. It can be very expensive to have Clear Title if you don’t have Title Insurance to go with it.

There’s a lot to know in the real estate market and details can make a big difference. With over 30 years of service in Northeast Florida, if we can answer a real estate-related question for you, please ask us!

Stephen CollinsWhat Is Clear Title?

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