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Land Title Sponsors Powerlifter Delia Hernandez

Land Title of America, Inc. is proud sponsor of Powerlifter Delia Hernandez, and congratulates her on her First Place Win at the Jenn Competition in Lakeland, May 2022.  Way to go Delia! 

Delia’s Reminder:  “I came from somewhere too.”

Delia Hernandez grew up in Athens, Texas.  As a high school senior, she competed in a regional powerlifting meet, and qualified to represent her school at the state level. 

Then she went on to serve in the US Navy, but when she left the military, she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.  “Some days I used to walk like grandma,” she says of the debilitating disease.  With medication she was able to train again, but she had to start from the ground up in movement and form. 

Delia’s Motto:  “There’s always a way.”

Powerlifter Delia Hernandez

Delia has a degree in sports medicine, and has been a personal trainer for six years.  Her career began with general population, recovering from injury, dealing with chronic physical challenges, and improving overall fitness.  Over the last few years, and up to recently, she has transitioned to training mostly women of all fitness levels who want to feel stronger and are curious about the sport of powerlifting.  In May 2021, she started her own business, Empowered Lifting.  It took off by word of mouth, which is how she met a sponsor representative from Land Title.  In January 2022, Delia began training with her coach, Daniel Tinerajo (based in Ormond Beach, Florida).  Five months later she was standing on top of the podium at the Jenn Competition. 

Delia’s Goal:  Create a community of women who feel strong and empowered. 

The future is brighter with competition, both in her personal life and her business. 

With more competition under her belt, Delia is more confident to train others in strength training, especially women.  Already she has introduced a handful of girls to powerlifting and competition.  She enjoys the camaraderie of the sport, where one can feel the energy, and see the strength of a person push through with the right instruction, instruction that keeps a person safe.  She wants to promote that progression in herself, and in other women like her. 

Delia’s Secret of Success:  Drive and the determination to push for more.

For Delia, the lifts at the Jenn Competition felt surprisingly easy.  She is ready for the next challenge.  Right now, that means four days a week in the gym.  She is excited about the layout of the program she has with her coach, and looking to the next meet, scheduled for October this year.  One of her biggest obstacles is to take days off, give her body that chance to rest, recover, and build strength.  Her fuel is carbohydrates before the gym, protein after, and she wakes up each morning with an appetite for more success. 

You can follow Delia on Instagram @delias_world_ and her client spotlights @empowered.lifting

Delia Hernandez Jenn Competition Top Results, May 2022

Squat                    130 kg / 287 lbs

Bench                   70 kg / 154 lbs

Deadlift 155 kg / 342 lbs

A New Personal Record by 30 pounds!

Land Title of America, Inc. is a real estate closing and title company in St. Augustine, Florida.  At Land Title, we celebrate our community, and we are proud to support Delia and her showcase of strength.  For information about local sponsorship through Land Title, contact Stephen Collins at (904) 797-9600

Land Title of AmericaLand Title Sponsors Powerlifter Delia Hernandez

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